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Etten Eller



Tini Bloom, a Los Angeles native and true modern artisan, is the Founder and Designer of Etten Eller. Raised by a photographer mother and filmmaker father, Bloom soaked up California’s creative energy and infuses it today into her buzzed-about contemporary jewelry brand. Tini Bloom explored her love for art and creation while pursuing a degree in Textile Design at the Art Institute of Chicago. She fine-tuned skills in painting, silk screening, and printing, and eventually small metals. Constantly intrigued by the unexpected, Bloom created her first jewelry pieces out of pocket watch parts, which she acquired while looking through a friend’s grandfather’s antique watchmakers desk. She was stuck by the beauty and mystery of the hidden watch gears and wheels, and felt that through jewelry, she could share the craftsmanship, artistry and intimacy of the watch parts with others. With Etten Eller, Bloom challenges tradition ideas about jewelry through the repurposing of salvaged parts into streamlined and elegant styles. Sterling springs snaked vertebrae and metal sequins are materials prevalent throughout her collections. Bloom believes jewelry, like dates, acts as instrument in making memories, leaving the wearer with symbols to remind us of significant events.