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Laura Urbinati



Laura Urbinati is a Roman designer, Milanese by adoption. The arts and the sea are the threads of her life. Laura is the daughter of Julius Urbinati, a well known modern art collector. She inherited her love of the arts from her family and home environment.
In her 20’s during a trip to California, she was fascinated by Malibu, the ocean, colors, print and textures. This became an important part of her makeup and aesthetics and she dreamed of living in California. Her dream came true and she spent formative years in Los Angeles.
During that time, shuttling between Milan, Rome and Los Angeles, she started to design and produce her first swimwear collection. Biffi in Milan, Penelope Brescia, Barneys New York, Paris Kashiyama begin to sell it. She did a collaboration with Comme des Garçons for its Tokyo store. In 1989, Laura opened her first boutique in Los Angeles. Later she opened a shop in Milan and two in Rome.
Laura pays close attention to the choice of materials and the quality of production. Her collection is made in Italy. The creative spirit of Laura Urbinati is revealed also in the originality of her presentations, in which the worlds of art and design, dance and performances blend with fashion. Thanks to the collaboration of artist friends, as Nicola Pellegrini and Daniel Minahan, she tells her story in a most personal way.