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The Designer of “Needles”, Keizo Shimizu, the founder of “Nepenthes”, established Nepenthes as a Men's Fashion Distributor in 1988 in Japan. He opened, the now legendary retail store “Nepenthes” in 1989, in the pioneering unconventional neighborhood of Aoyama, Tokyo. Since then, Nepenthes has introduced and developed unique and diverse brands from all over the world to the Japanese Fashion Market for over 20 years. In 1989, he opened a Nepenthes USA office in Boston which then moved and he established Nepenthes America Inc. in 1996 in NYC. Through the shared frustrations of not being able to find the product Nepenthes looked for as a distributor, Nepenthes started to create their own fashion brands such as “Engineered Garments” and “South2 West 8” , which are now being distributed throughout the world. The “Needles” collection is created from a very personal viewpoint of Keizo Shimizu, the core of Nepenthes. Using the world's best manufacturer's through all the available network's he has researched, 20 years strong, he creates the collection freely without any compromise. Each product is an extension of his aesthetics. Keizo is the prime source of all the creativity that is Needles and Nepenthes.